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Before Travel To Israel - Useful Information


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Basic Information


Israel is ranked as one of the best medical tourism locations in the world with the highest care, services, and best patient experiences. Some notable Israeli hospitals are Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, Tel Hashomer and Ichilov in the Tel Aviv area, and Rambam up north. Israel cares for foreign patients and tourists as its own in any medical event or case so rest assured you are in good hands through out your visit!


The best way to truly experience the diversity and beauty of Israel is through it’s incredible and authentic tastes!

Some of Israel’s signature street food dishes are falafel, schwarma, shakshuka, and of course hummus!

From zesty, sweet, or spicy, Jews from Europe and Arab countries along with Arabs from all over the world have contributed to the fusion of Israeli dishes we know and love. Come taste them for yourself with us! Yummmm!


Want adventure, relaxation, discovery, and rich history all in one package? Then make Israel yours!

From climbing Masada at sunrise, to floating back in the Dead Sea, hiking in the Golan,riding camels in the desert, tasting the Shuk and strolling along the shores of TLV, and connecting to your roots in Jerusalem, Israel has it all and is waiting for you!


Contrary to what the media may convey, Israel has one of the most intensive and professional security forces in the world, running 24/7 whether you see it or not.

This means that visiting the country and traveling around within it is completely safe, despite the occasional incident or flare up that makes the news back home.
Tourism to Israel has been growing steadily and last year alone approximately 2 million tourists visited the country.
During your trip your safety is treated as the top priority and all activities and travel are coordinated with local and federal security authorities to ensure you have a meaningful and memorable experience!


Israel's currency is called the New Israeli Shekel and is abbreviated as NIS and referred to as shekel (shkalim being the plural form in Hebrew). There are 100 agorot in a shekel, bank notes are in denominations of 20, 50, 100 and 200 NIS and coins in denominations of 10, 5, 2 and 1 shekels and 50 and 10 agorot. The current average exchange rate from shekel to dollar is 3.5.

During your stay in Israel you may bring cash with you to exchange at many currency exchange vendors or at banks, however the banks usually take a higher rate.

You can also use your international credit card keeping in mind whether or not you have foreign transaction fees. You can also withdraw cash from ATMs at most banks or around the area.


Israel’s bus system is composed of several companies such as Egged, Dan, Afikim Kavim, and Metropolin that operate all over the country on an intercity and intra-city basis – you can either use cash to pay, or if you are staying for a long term period, get a public transportation card called a “Rav Kav” which you can put money on in larger sums at discounted fares. This same card works for the trains that run all over Israel and make traveling a breeze without traffic and a more comfortable and spacious ride.

Please keep in mind that most buses and trains do not operate on Saturdays as it is the Jewish Sabbath.

If you’d rather use cabs over public transportation, Gett Taxi, the sister company of Juno, is a quick and safe alternative to Uber or Lyft. Many times the price is determined by the meter or you can very Israeli-like negotiate a price.


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