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If you're coming from the east coast in the US you can kiss those blizzards and heavy down knee-length coats goodbye!

Weather in Israel fluctuates between October to March, however, there rarely are snow storms or major weather events that shut down schools and facilities.

Think Los Angeles in January.

On average, Israel has mild weather in the 60-70s during the day throughout most of the country and slightly lower in Jerusalem and the North. At night it can get chillier, around 50's. 

Rain is a central element of Israeli winters so you should definitely pack accordingly - a jacket or fleece, sweaters, long pants, rain boots, and LAYER up so you can adjust as the temperature shifts throughout the day. 


Think Miami in July.

Israel experiences hot and sunny summers, during which the air is humid. Clothing worn in Israel in the summer is not very different from what you would wear back in the US.

You can pack light/thin clothing like t-shirts or shorts, sandals, hats, and most importantly - sunscreen! 

If you have any questions leave us your questions below and we'll help you be on your way!