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Celebrate Bar Mitzvah In Israel - family trips to Israel

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Israel Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tours


Becoming Bar or Bat Mitzvah is a significant milestone in one's life and is even more memorable when celebrated in Israel! Join us for a once in a lifetime opportunity for you and your family to experience a meaningful and unique bar / bat mitzvah trip filled with fun, excitement & connection to Israel and your Jewish roots! Here are some of the tour highlights: Kotel-Western Wall Connection, Hesed Project,Tel Aviv’s Independence Trail, outdoor markets,  –crawling through Syrian bunkers in the Golan Heights,  an archaeological dig, scavenger hunt through the mystical city of  Safed, Rafting on the Jordan River, rappelling down into the Ramon Crater, and “surfing” through desert dunes.


History & Archaeology
Jewish Identity
Religion & Spirituality
Arts & Culture


Arriving in Israel

We will greet you at the airport and escort you to your private car which will bring you to the hotel for some rest and relaxation. In the evening all the participants and guide will meet at a welcome reception, followed by an orientation program and dinner together at the hotel in TLV.


Exploring the Foundations of Israel

We will open the day at Independence Hall where David Ben Gurion declared the State of Israel on May 14th, 1948. In the same room, we will re-enact and relive one of the most significant moments in our history as Jews. We then will travel to Rehovot to visit the Machon Ayalon, a secret arms factory in the pre-state days hidden under a kibbutz. We continue to Bet Guvrin where we will participate in an exciting archaeological dig. An archaeologist will join us to examine our finds and shed light on their meaning and importance. At the end of the day, we will return to Tel Aviv and participate in our own unique programming. Dinner will be on your own at one of Tel Aviv’s many delicious and abundant restaurants and lodging will be in Tel Aviv as well.

3 - 4

Exploring Tel Aviv

We will discover how this incredible urban hub was founded. We start our day with a visit to Old Jaffa. We will visit the ancient port and the quaint reconstructed artists’ quarter. We will then continue to the Carmel fruit and vegetable Market, where we will have a scavenger hunt. We end the day at Nachlat Binyamin Market for a chance to bring back unique & handmade gifts and souvenirs.
The following morning we will enjoy a late breakfast and venture out on an optional walk through the vibrant suburb of Neve Tzedek, the birthplace of Tel Aviv. This is a great day to have any Israeli family members visit your trip!
The early afternoon may be used for walking along the TLV beachfront boardwalk or simply resting and kicking back.


Traveling North

After breakfast, we will start our drive North to the Sea of Galilee. and begin the day with a visit to the port city of Caesarea.
We will visit the National Park and “Speak with the Stars” which will allow our children to learn in a fun interactive way.
We continue to the Af Al Pi Chen Naval & Immigration museum near Haifa.
Later, in Acre we will walk the recently excavated underground streets and visit the Knights Hall - a crusader city named a UNESCO world heritage site.
In the evening we will arrive at our Kibbutz in the Galilee for dinner and a meeting with a Kibbutz member, who will share about Kibbutz life and how it has evolved and changed in the last decades.


Exploring the Galilee & Golan Heights

We pause in our story to visit the Golan Heights.
Between Israel’s establishment in 1948 and the June 1967 war, daily attacks from this mountain range embittered the lives of the Galilee residents.
We will climb the Golan Heights and visit some of the pre-1967 Syrian bunkers and then visit the capital city of today’s Jewish Golan, Katzrin, where we will visit the local Talmudic Village which will give us a unique glance into the daily lives of our ancestors living in Talmudic Times.
Now for some real fun for all - we will come together and go rafting on the Jordan River and enjoy the waters on a cruise on the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) and then dinner at a fish restaurant in Kibbutz Ein Gev!

7 - 11

Exploring Safed & Jerusalem



After breakfast, we will drive to the mystical city of Safed, which boasts a great artists’ colony and much mystery and spirituality. We will visit the main synagogues and some of the artist shops to buy art and hear from local craftsmen and natives about the history of the city in the past wars and the great spiritual meaning of the area. We will then start the drive South and stop at the Sachne natural springs for a dip in the cold waters and a refreshing and invigoration experience! After this refreshing stop, we will continue to Jerusalem. Upon arrival, we will stop at Mt. Scopus, the original pilgrimage site and recite the traditional She’HeCheyanu with some Kiddush wine and Challah bread. We will arrive at the hotel to unpack and relax before having dinner. At 8 PM we will gather in the hotel lobby to board the car that will take us to the Kotel Tunnels for our guided tour of the famous underground Western Wall tunnels, which are even more special when explored at night. We will have 3 days to explore the historic and holy city of Jerusalem through its stones, people, and story!




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