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Why a school trip to Israel?

With many years of proven experience in Israel programming with young people, IsraelExperts is able to work with your school in order to create an annual Israel program that students will anticipate throughout the year. The Israel experience impacts participants of all ages. It is IsraelExperts' guiding educational principle to ensure that the experience reaches its utmost potential, and is not a collection of sporadic recreational or even educational moments.

As is always the case, our focus is on high quality and hands-on experiences. We provide a highly contextualized and interactive curriculum that offers the participants opportunity to study, learn and experience Israel. Participants are actively involved in the developing program and come away from the experience knowing that they did much more than just visit Israel.

IsraelExperts employs tour guide/educators with years of experience in the field of youth travel and the Israel Experience in combination with the staff you may wish to provide. We are happy to work directly with your staff to adapt the curriculum for your school and specific class. Curriculum designers define and highlight the Jewish identity-forming elements that are potential in an Israel experience. This experience can be equally transforming for your Jewish school itself, when specifically constructed and implemented for and by your school. Participants discover the power of the Land of Israel as it works its magic on their developing Jewish identity.

For more information, or to start planning a Teen Trip for your school or organization, contact us!