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Synagogue tours

Traveling to Israel on an organized Synagogue tour can be a wonderful experience for congregants and friends who are traveling with their Rabbi, their Cantor, or their congregational leadership.

Let IsraelExperts help you create a custom designed program that will not even resemble the standard “if it’s Monday, this must be the Kotel” tour. We’ll work together with you to insure that the programmatic, educational and logistic needs of your congregation and community are met.

At IsraelExperts, we encourage dialogue about democracy, peace, pluralism and social justice, and wherever appropriate – and with your approval – we will incorporate these themes into the itinerary. Jews everywhere have a stake in Israel’s ongoing development, and should be brought into the conversation.

You and your community may want to visit sites that are a reflection of a pluralistic approach to Jewish sites, including the Kotel (the Western Wall) or perhaps historical sites where the design is one that reflects the challenges to Israel’s democracy today. We can show you the Kibbutz Ein Shemer Greenhouse for Jewish and Muslim Co-Existence where you will see Jewish and Muslim schoolchildren actually working together on ecological projects, not just talking about the ideal. We can arrange an encounter (mifgash) with West Bank settlers as well as with religious Muslim leaders.

Please contact us to discuss how IsraelExperts can work with you to design the program that reflects the values of your community.