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Synagogues in Jerusalem



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Great Synagogue
A popular tourist spot because it is so large and beautiful and sometimes attended by political figures. Orthodox shul with separate seating (women in a very high balcony). Sometimes features a choir.
Orthodox 56 King George
20 minutes after candles 9:00
Hebrew Union College
A very friendly and welcoming Reform service in English
Reform 13 King David St
No evening service For info -[email protected]
Italian Synagogue
Orthodox Italian Sephardic shul. Women sit in the balcony.
Orthodox Sephardic 27 Hillel
15 min after candles 8:30
A traditionally focused, egalitarian minyan. Run and led by its participants, the minyan meets every Shabbat morning and every other Friday night.
Egalitarian Beit Sefer Adam on Emek Refaim NA 8:30
Kol Haneshama
Reform synagogue, led by Rabbi Levi Kelman. Explanations are in Hebrew and in English. The minyan enjoys singing and includes many young Israelis.
Reform 1 Asher Street Corner of HaRakevet
17:00 9:00
Kol Rina
The Nachlaot Community Shul – Orthodox, Carlebach-> davening. Lots of singing and dancing. Located in the bomb shelter (“miklat”) on Rehov Beersheva. If you’re claustrophobic, this minyan is not for you.
Rechov Beersheva 30 min after sunset 9:30
Egalitarian minyan without a rabbi. The service is all in Hebrew, although mostly attended by English-speakers.
8 Betar St in Masorti high school
NA 9:00
Mevakshei Derech
Reconstructionist philosophy, no English used. A mix of Israelis and English speakers, has a friendly reputation.
Rechov Shai Agnon in San Simon NA 9:00
Moreshet Yisrael - Rabbi Adam Frank
As close to an American Conservative service that can be found in Jerusalem, conducted using some English.
Conservative Rehov Agron 4
20 min after candles 9:00
Shira Hadasha
Very progressive in the Orthodox world. The community is committed to halakhah, tefillah and feminism. Mechitza down the middle. A lot of singing.
Progressive Orthodox ICCY building at 12 Emek Refaim 20 min after candle lighting time 8:30
Orthodox shul with Rabbi. A lot of singing to Carlebach tunes. Two minyanim on Friday night- the upstairs minyan is longer. On Shabbat morning there is a kiddush before the Torah service with English and Hebrew learning sessions.
Rechov Kovshei Katamon in Katamon 15 minutes after candle lighting 8:30
A progressive Orthodox shul without a rabbi. Mechitza down the middle, women often give a dvar Torah.
Orthodox Baka – Rechov Lifshitz 12 5 min after candles 8:30
Yemin Moshe
In this charming historical neighborhood, there are two orthodox synagogues – one Sephardic and one Ashkenazik. Both are famous for their inspiring views of the Old City.
Orthodox Yemin Moshe 20 minutes after candles 8:30