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Synagogues in Jerusalem



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Great Synagogue
A popular tourist spot because it is so large and beautiful and sometimes attended by political figures. Orthodox shul with separate seating (women in a very high balcony). Sometimes features a choir.
Orthodox 56 King George
20 minutes after candles 9:00
Hebrew Union College
A very friendly and welcoming Reform service in English
Reform 13 King David St
No evening service For info
Italian Synagogue
Orthodox Italian Sephardic shul. Women sit in the balcony.
Orthodox Sephardic 27 Hillel
15 min after candles 8:30
A traditionally focused, egalitarian minyan. Run and led by its participants, the minyan meets every Shabbat morning and every other Friday night.
Egalitarian Beit Sefer Adam on Emek Refaim NA 8:30
Kol Haneshama
Reform synagogue, led by Rabbi Levi Kelman. Explanations are in Hebrew and in English. The minyan enjoys singing and includes many young Israelis.
Reform 1 Asher Street Corner of HaRakevet
17:00 9:00
Kol Rina
The Nachlaot Community Shul – Orthodox, Carlebach-> davening. Lots of singing and dancing. Located in the bomb shelter (“miklat”) on Rehov Beersheva. If you’re claustrophobic, this minyan is not for you.
Rechov Beersheva 30 min after sunset 9:30
Egalitarian minyan without a rabbi. The service is all in Hebrew, although mostly attended by English-speakers.
8 Betar St in Masorti high school
NA 9:00
Mevakshei Derech
Reconstructionist philosophy, no English used. A mix of Israelis and English speakers, has a friendly reputation.
Rechov Shai Agnon in San Simon NA 9:00
Moreshet Yisrael - Rabbi Adam Frank
As close to an American Conservative service that can be found in Jerusalem, conducted using some English.
Conservative Rehov Agron 4
20 min after candles 9:00
Shira Hadasha
Very progressive in the Orthodox world. The community is committed to halakhah, tefillah and feminism. Mechitza down the middle. A lot of singing.
Progressive Orthodox ICCY building at 12 Emek Refaim 20 min after candle lighting time 8:30
Orthodox shul with Rabbi. A lot of singing to Carlebach tunes. Two minyanim on Friday night- the upstairs minyan is longer. On Shabbat morning there is a kiddush before the Torah service with English and Hebrew learning sessions.
Rechov Kovshei Katamon in Katamon 15 minutes after candle lighting 8:30
A progressive Orthodox shul without a rabbi. Mechitza down the middle, women often give a dvar Torah.
Orthodox Baka – Rechov Lifshitz 12 5 min after candles 8:30
Yemin Moshe
In this charming historical neighborhood, there are two orthodox synagogues – one Sephardic and one Ashkenazik. Both are famous for their inspiring views of the Old City.
Orthodox Yemin Moshe 20 minutes after candles 8:30