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You’re planning a trip to Israel? What type of trip?

Few things in the life of a community or family can bring its members together quite as much as a shared trip to Israel. The planning and organization can make or break a trip. Details must be meticulously thought out and each element carefully analyzed to ensure that everything works together to achieve the goals of the program. Organizing a trip is complex, which is why you need IsraelExperts to work together with you in the planning and execution of your trip.

Group types for an Israel Trip

Program Types
Large Groups
  • Community bonding
  • Most cost efficient
  • Most social opportunities
  • Large group approach
  • Less intimate
  • Less flexible
Small Groups
  • More intimate
  • More flexible
  • More focus on individuals
  • Less cost efficient
Adult Only
  • Can include elements relying on previous knowledge and intellect
  • Not a family event
Family trip
  • Family bonding
  • Seeing Israel through multi-generational lenses
  • Connecting with personal history
  • Creating an unbeatable Jewish family memory
  • Programs harder to structure for participants of all ages as needs differ
  • Expensive for multiple- participant families
  • Family members responsible for each other – even on vacation
Teen Trips
  • Ability to foster Jewish identity and connections to Israel at a critical age
  • Host organization able to build a strong, meaningful connection with students
  • Responsibility for other people's teenagers

Custom Trips

At IsraelExperts, we pride ourselves on our ability to take Israel tours beyond the scope of standard, preset trips. We can work together with you to create quality Israel programs, of any length, for any size group, and for any budget, for your particular organization or group of individuals. Whether you are a singles' organization, an association with a particular field of interest, a group of people attending a convention in Israel, or simply a group of friends who have decided to visit Israel together, our Israel tour and travel experts will get your input and then create a customized program together with you.