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Federation Missions

Since 1999, we at IsraelExperts have been working with Jewish Federations to create substantive and meaningful programs for engaging the Jewish community. Our staff, which includes several Federation professionals, and our extensive experience working with Federation and Partnership2Gether communities, gives us a deep understanding of Federations’ needs. The IsraelExperts team thinks outside the box to package unforgettable programs that provide innovative adventures, while also showcasing the positive impact that the Jewish Federations have on Israeli society and landscape.

In all of its Federation missions, IsraelExperts blends visits to traditional and less traditional tourist attractions with unique encounters (mifgashim).  Below is a list of just some of the specialized missions we offer:

•    Culinary adventure, with food and wine tastings from Israel's cultural mosaic
•    Examination of contemporary issues in Israeli society, including high-level security briefings, visits to the Western Negev, and encounters with representatives from various segments of Israel's Jewish community
•    Cultural tour of Israel, with a focus on the country's anthropological landscape, its art, literature, and food

IsraelExperts provides the full spectrum of services for your community needs. We work hard to ensure that you have a hassle-free experience, so you can focus on community and identity building. 
Let IsraelExperts work with you to design the program that best reflects the values of your community. Please contact us and let’s start planning together.