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Via Dolorosa

The name is the same in all three languages: English, Hebrew and Arabic. Via Dolorosa is the western throughway of the Old City. Dating back to the Roman Period, the street was created along with the northern throughway, the Cardo, in the typical Roman fashion, to allow easy transportation throughout what was then, all of Jerusalem.

Atlit Ma’apilim camp

We descended from the bus and our tour guide put her fingers to her lips. “Quiet,” she said. “Follow me in a single line.” We started walking along a path which led through the bush. We walked in silence. Finally, ahead of us, we reached a fence. We had reached our destination.

Ashdod: From ancient site to modern city

Ashdod is mentioned in various books of the Bible and its history spans many centuries (three millennia!). The modern city of Ashdod, located near the ancient site, was established in 1956. It was a planned city from the start, and each of its 17 neighborhoods was built to provide its inhabitants with their daily needs, such as schools, basic medical services, welfare services and banking. Then there is the City, which houses the Municipality, cultural and entertainment centers, and other public institutions.

Shavuot and the Book of Ruth

SHAVUOT and The Book of Ruth
These are some of the remarkable links between the Festival of Shavuot and the biblical book:

Shavuot falls in the harvest season; it is the conclusion of the 7-week count beginning with the first barley harvest. The story of Ruth unfolds with the backdrop of this harvest in Judea, with the mitzvah of “leket” (allowing the poor to gather the stalks that fall during the harvest).


The conscious mind shuts down every night and wakes up every morning, but while the conscious part of your mind shuts, the brain remains active throughout the night. Part of this brain activity produces exceptionally vibrant and even haunting images during the rapid-eye movement (REM) phase of sleep – known as dreams or nightmares.

Rain, rain, don't go away...

I remember singing “Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day” as a young child in Philadelphia. How different the whole experience is in Israel – even when it seems to be raining a lot, so much of the population is grateful! That’s what comes from living in an arid country.

A Primer: Israeli elections

Following the U.S. elections by just a couple of months, Israel elections will have voters going to the polls on January 22nd.  Other than the proximity in times and the fact that both are democratic elections, there is little else that is similar between the two election processes.   This article will attempt to explain how the Israeli electoral system works.

Spin the dreidel!

the holiday of Chanukah is more widely celebrated outside of Israel than are many other Jewish holidays and festivals. Almost everyone knows the story of the one-day supply of oil that miraculously lasted for eight days in the Temple – which gives us the tradition of eating fried foods during Chanukah, mainly sufganiot (donuts) in Israel and latkes (potato pancakes) abroad.