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Tel Aviv Water War

For anyone planning to be in Tel Aviv on July 1st, be sure to stop by Rabin Square at 3:15 pm for Tel Aviv's annual water fight. For several years, hundreds of people have descended on Rabin Square in central Tel Aviv on an agreed upon day to beat the heat by shooting each other with water guns, water balloons and by simply jumping into the famous fountain located in the square. This event fits perfectly into Tel Aviv's laid back, fun-seeking culture and is a great way to experience the true vibe of Israel's 2nd largest city.

There may be some of you wondering, "Isn't Israel in the midst of a severe water shortage?" Well, yes there continues to be a water problem in Israel, but this event is in no way meant to waste water. The unofficial organizers of the event have gone out of their way to stress that the water used in this year's water fight will only come directly from the water fountain in Rabin Square. The fountain water is not fit for drinking, bathing or watering plants and therefore its use is not considered a waste. Many people have even used this event as the perfect venue to continue educating the public about Israel's water shortage.  

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